Consultant Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about working with Collabrus

When do I get paid?

Pay periods end on the 15th and last day of each month. Your paycheck (or direct deposit) is deposited or mailed 10 days later, on the 25th and 10th of each month.

How do I submit my hours?

There are designated methods for submittting your hours to Collabrus, depending on the client and engagement. Your Collabrus representative can provide the details.

Do I get paid for holidays or Paid Time Off (PTO)?

As a Collabrus employee, you generally are paid for the hours worked and approved, with no allowance for holidays or days off.

What benefits do employees receive through Collabrus?

With Collabrus as your Employer-of-Record, you have access to a unique benefits program. It includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, a 401(k) plan, a Section 125 flexible spending plan, a commuter benefit plan, and the option to continue your medical, dental, and vision benefits through COBRA when your engagement ends. Please contact us for more details and enrollment guidelines.

How do I enroll for Collabrus benefits?

Soon after being selected for an engagement, you’ll be contacted by your personal Collabrus representative, who will provide this information.

When an engagement ends, how long do my Collabrus employment and benefits continue?

Your Collabrus employment ends on the last day of your engagement. If you are enrolled in medical, dental, and vision coverage through Collabrus, your coverage through Collabrus will terminate on the last day of the month following the last day of your engagement. You have the option to continue the coverage through COBRA. You will receive complete details once Collabrus receives official notification regarding the end of your engagement.

What do I do when my engagement is ending, the scope of my work is changing, or I’ve been asked to extend my engagement?

Notify your Collabrus representative right away via e-mail or phone, and we’ll handle the details.

How do I let Collabrus know if I move or change my contact information?

Simply e-mail any changes to your Collabrus representative, who will update your pay and benefits records and send confirmation via e-mail.

What if the client approaches me with an offer of permanent employment?

Contact your Collabrus representative as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition of your benefits and to establish a proper timeline.

If I need my employment verified, what contact number and name do I give?

Provide the main Collabrus phone number (415-288-1826) and the name of your personal Collabrus representative.

What if I need a new W-4 form, benefits enrollment form, change form, or other official document?

Please visit the Forms section of this site. You will also find links for a variety of resources in the Tips and Tools section.

Who should know if I have an acquaintance or new client who would like to use Collabrus services?

Collabrus offers a referral fee to those who bring new employees, projects, or clients to us. Contact us to learn more.

I have incorporated my business, do I still need Collabrus?

Collabrus offers unique benefits for professional senior-level consultants, including those who have incorporated their business. Incorporated businesses adhere to regulations and require a benefits plan. Collabrus offers a unique benefits package aimed at consultants who are incorporated. It includes an accountable plan, a 401(k) matching, and much more. See the Pay Programs section to learn more or call to speak to a Collabrus representative.

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