Payroll services and comprehensive benefits package to help attract and retain contingent workers while reducing your risk and saving money

The Collabrus Employer-of-Record solution is a nationwide, professional payrolling service designed for contingent workers who don’t qualify as independent contractors. It significantly reduces your risk of worker misclassification and co-employment exposure, while providing today’s highly skilled contract workers with an attractive pay program and comprehensive group benefits.


With our cost-effective program you can quickly on-board the right talent so they can immediately begin delivering results. Collabrus carries the liability and responsibility as the employer, providing HR services and an attractive benefits package to the worker for the duration of the project assignment.

Services include:

Collabrus Payroll and Benefits Programs are customized to your specific situation to address issues related to the professional level contingent workforce within your organization. Collabrus clients can focus on their core business, knowing that compliance, payroll and benefits for their contingent workforce are in expert hands.

Get the Right Person, Right Away

Collabrus Pay Programs allow you to engage the right resource for your project or assignment, whether through an employee referral, a former employee, a retired employee, a summer associate, or an individual you recruit. You have the person you want on your team, but not the paperwork, additional costs, or commitments associated with full time employment. We make it our priority to get the consultant on-board and ready for work by your requested start date.

We’ll Take Care of the Paperwork

Collabrus Pay Programs provide a comprehensive benefits program which satisfies the needs of the senior-level contingent workforce and helps you attract the best talent today. When you identify a candidate you are ready to engage for a project, an interim period, or a “tryout” prior to full time hire, provide us with the candidate’s name and contact information. We will complete the due diligence and hire the candidate as our employee for the duration of your assignment.

We’ll Expedite the On-board Process

We work with you to correctly classify the consultant’s exempt or non-exempt status, complete background checks or other pre-employment due diligence, and provide timely pay and comprehensive benefits options. Compensation can be based on deliverables, fixed monthly pay or hourly rates for non-exempt and IT professionals. We assume the responsibilities as the employer of record for the duration of the assignment and do not charge incremental fees if you decide to convert the consultant to a full time employee.

With Collabrus you can get your mission-critical projects completed with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are protected.

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